South Carolina's Only Master Jeweler!

Welcome to Orlando's Originals, home of Re-Bling Your Ring! Quality, service and exceptional pricing set us apart!

We bring your precious jewelry to a new level that will truly represent you.

Don't buy a piece and see someone else wear the same thing! We design your ring or any piece from scratch!

This is your unique experience, and we make it come alive. New surprises coming soon!

Anatomy of a Great Gift

An look behind the scenes

This unique project has been a store favorite, and a top seller. Every item ends up being different!

This is how it starts! A very unique gift that will surely make your outdoor enthusiast very, very happy!

We start with an idea and raw materials made right here in the great U.S.A.! Hard to believe where a beautiful ring starts

An look behind the scenes

Step 1

Raw materials and the start of an amazing ring made in the U.S.A.

Anatomy of a Great Gift

The pieces come together

A rare look inside at how we make this piece...

You are the greatest part of the creative process. We love our customers ideas and creativity, and we love bringing those dreams to life!

You are part of every build, from beginning to end. We take great pride in our products, and they are guaranteed for life! Who else does that? No one.

The pieces come together


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Anatomy of a Great Gift

The Final Product

The antler ring! A Re-Bling Your Ring special! Order yours today!

Wow! Our customer was elated with the result, and word of mouth has made this item almost as popular as our engagement rings

There is something about taking the time to pick out something special for the special person in your life. This is just one example of the thousands of possibilities. Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds.. we do it all at the best prices.

The Final Product

Step 3

Our very popular antler ring. Every antler is unique, and antlers are sourced from the ground. A truly special gift for these holidays! You can now order online!

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